D. Sticker

The year was 1987. The town was Stockton, California. A young man by the name of D. Sticker spotted a Silvertone guitar and amp combo for $100 at Sears, and saw his future laid out in front of him. He bought the guitar and amp, learned a chord or two, and then began creating songs and experimental "soundscapes" with the crudest of recording equipment. Once he had achieved an impressive level of mediocrity with his instrument, he joined what would eventually be known as two of Stockton's most pivotal bands: No Scientific Basis (1987-1991) and Circus Gomez (1990-1994).

But Sticker quickly grew bored with the limousines, the girls, and excesses that go with fantasy stardom. He left it all and moved to Seattle in 1995, where he formed Hairboy (1998-2000) with fellow Stocktonians Tim Prioste and Sean Cornett. It wasn't long before the Seattle scene recognized the potency of Hairboy and hailed them as Seattle's greatest power trio to date.

Once again, Sticker found himself burnt out with the rock'n'roll lifestyle. In 2000, he moved to Los Angeles so he could, in his words, "get away from it all". It was in L.A. that he began rummaging through the old recordings of his youth and assembling the now classic compilations: Fabioland, Motion Picture Soundtracks and Ambiance of Sticker. Once the archival bowels were cleared, it was time to start recording new material. The first release was Seasons of Sticker (2008), which was recorded with an actual ensemble of musicians. His latest release is The Sound of Sticker (2011) and is a return to the old style of recording where he's doing most of it himself. He is excited to share this new music on CD and vinyl.

D. Sticker has created several video projects: Rummage Sale (1993), Caca Candy (2002), an animated music video for The Shaggs' "My Pal Foot Foot" (2005), and a music video for his song "The Ballad of Han, Luke & Leia" (2005). He is also a regularly contributing member of the band Substance W.

FabiolandMotion Picture SoundtracksAmbiance of StickerSeasons of StickerThe Sound of Sticker

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