The D. Sticker Ensemble: The Sound Of Sticker




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CD (For The Phonographically Deprived)

"...it sounds like The Beatles and The Residents did a bunch of XTC covers in the style of The Velvet Underground with production by David Lynch and Beck." -- Todd Leykamp

Throw away your copies of Thriller, Nevermind and Dark Side of The Moon. Those albums will no longer be necessary once you've heard The Sound of Sticker, the second album by The D. Sticker Ensemble. It is more than just a great collection of new songs, but a baptism into a universe of power pop, ambience and punk. You can buy just the CD on this page, or better yet, buy the limited edition LP on red vinyl (which also includes a copy of the CD).

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Track list:
The Splat • The Devil • 75¢ • Southern Gentleman • Digital Cowboy • The Shit Valve • Dance Like Robot • I Search For Tomorrow • The Spins • I Just Can't Help Believin' • Mony Mony Mony • Words • The Bride Of TSNKE • Say Goodbye