The D. Sticker Ensemble: Seasons of Sticker

Sticker Summer

Sticker Winter

Sticker Spring

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Pop Pleasures

Seasons of Sticker is full of catchy songs intricately crafted by The D. Sticker Ensemble and brought to life with an actual ensemble of musicians. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will also keep you guessing as each song takes a drastic turn in theme and style. Engineered in glorious "Wall of Pants" sound, Sticker leaves his mark on each of nature's phases. Explore the topics of love, loneliness, sexual perversion and Star Wars in each of these pills of pop pleasure.

Track list:
I Slap Myself • Born With 3 Eyes • That's My Bah! • Nowhere • Mama Give • Space Noodles • Senior Gilly • Going Slow • Ballad of Han Luke and Leia • Ashley's Tears • The Triskets In Her Eyes • You're On Your Own • I Want To Hold Your Hand • Chaperone of the Shadows