The D. Sticker Ensemble: Motion Picture Soundtracks

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Sound tracks to pictures in motion

In 1993 there was Rummage Sale. In 2002 there was Caca Candy. This disc is a collection of the music composed for both of those short films by The D. Sticker Ensemble.

Hear Mr. Sticker's earliest efforts at creating infectious pop with the catchy "Bah Song" and the hypnotically obsessive love song "The Triskets In Your Eyes". Next is the cohesively incoherent tale of "Me & Steve". Imagine Dr. Seuss in the shape of a gay pretzel and that should give you an idea of what you're in for.

Then you may have to fight back the tears as you listen to the sad but familiar story of "Caca In the Pants". D. Sticker pleads to his lost love for understanding and acceptance, only to be left with the realization that some dirty secrets are best left in your underwear.

Finally, Shirley makes her dazzling debut with the classic "All of the Things I Do Not Know". A song which goes down a very long and descriptive list of all of the things she does not know, and in doing so realizes her opportunity for growth and a song.

Plus, a whole bunch more!