The D. Sticker Ensemble: Ambiance of Sticker

Basic Ambiance

Ambiance 101

Anatomy of Ambiance

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Sound Textures

If you share in John Cage's appreciation for sounds or enjoy Brian Eno's ambient recordings then this CD is for you.

This is a collection of soundscapes, noise, experiments, and instrumental music recorded by The D. Sticker Ensemble in various bedrooms from 1993 to 1999.

Submerge yourself into the spooky sounding world of "Zombie Sewage Dweller" or catch yourself looking over your shoulder as you listen to the creepy "Approaching Footsteps".

The CD is packed tight with 23 "songs" of varying lengths. The shortest being 13 seconds ("The Understanding Keyboard"). The longest being 23 minutes ("Mind Massage").

Track list:
open • approaching footsteps • splashes of magic • itchy guitar • clash of glass • jackpot • air guitar • noodles • mop the swamp • private eye keyboard • hot coal dance • sinister explorer • inquisitive keyboard • zombie sewage dweller • guitar festival • evil footsteps • the understanding keyboard • boomerang III • turbulence • oriental bubbles • lurking guitar • d. sticker stomp (original) • mind massage