Substance W: Spring Session W




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Bunny Hopscotch

In Spring of 2009 the members of Substance W were trapped in an abandoned PAAS egg dye factory. After subsisting on little more than chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps for the next two years, the band was discovered with horribly unkempt beards (as well as this bizarre collection of pop songs).

Peter Cottontail is launched into destinations unknown, leaving strange gifts in inappropriate places, and flinging eggs of various colors at all subjects of the season: from Easter, to taxes, to baseball -- and don't forget Mom!

Track list:
Up Jumped Spring • Taxman • Easter Parade • Take Me Out To The Ball Game • Here Comes Peter Cottontail • Hot Cross Buns • Easter Woman • April In Paris • Mother • Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most • Let's Misbehave • AND MORE